Monday, May 2, 2011

Alexis' braces off!!!

This was less than 2 years before I got my braces off.. I had them on for almost 2 1/2 years!!! I had gotten the chain to pull my tooth down and went through the rubberbands too!

I got my braces off on January 24, 2011. Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest, but you get the idea. :)

Family Walk to the Pond

We usually go on a family walk on Sunday, and yesterday was a really nice day, so we decided to go down to the duck pond in our neighborhood and feed the ducks!! We are so lucky to have an awesome pond by our house! And, there were tons of baby ducks that just hatched and were so small and cute!!

Cute Ethan, baby of the family.

The super cute baby ducks! I swear there were more that 20 baby ducklings at the pond! SOO cute!

Mom and Dad. Aaawww...

Mom, Lauren, and me at the pond.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We got a new dog from the animal shelter after putting down our old dog, Meg. It is a male Doberman Pincher/Beagle Mix, and the name he had at the shelter was Darby. However, we named him Chancho, in honor of, yes, Nacho Libre's orphan friend.
He was about 1 year old when we got him so now he is about 1 yr 3 mos old.
We are still trying to train him not to jump up or bark at people, and it is a work in progress. That ball in the picture is now in the garbage. He played with it all day every day and tore it up VERY badly. Good thing it was an old one! It was in shreds when we finally had to throw it away.

Alexis' Soccer Season!

I played soccer at Skyview High School and was on the JV team. It was fun, and we finished 3rd in the Treasure Valley at Districts!
My mom didn't feel like buying pictures :), so we took some of our own in the backyard

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun in Utah!!

At a park with the Dingman cousins- Kendyl, Madi, Lauren, and Melynn
Chase and Ethan LOVED playing with Archie, Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton's dog, while we were at their house!
This is Madi and I at our grandparent's house, having tons of fun!
This is ALL the cousins (except Kiarra) on the Hamilton side!!! It is a rare event to have Tiana and Malia, our cousins from Hawaii, there, so it was very cool!
This is our uncle Wayne and his 5 month old baby (4 months in the picture-ha!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lauren's Dance Recital (LATE!!!)

Lauren is the 2nd one in from the left, striking a cute little pose for her "Cruella de Vil" dance.
Lauren's dance class with their costumes for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". I loved their costumes and the manes!
Lauren's cute 'dalmation' costume for her dance!
Lauren, Marrissa, and Emalee posing before a dance.
The class before "It's a Small World After All".
This was on June 3, 2010... See how late I am? Wow. Just reading it makes me realize that was over a month and a half ago! :) Lauren said her favorite dance was the Cruella de Vil dance.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I PROMISE there will be a new post soon! We got back from Oregon on the 24th, then on the 29th Madi, my mom, and I went to Girls Camp. We got back on July 2nd and I just haven't had time to blog at all! Sorry about that...